1. Access to our website at Newbury Road Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) can present challenges for individuals with various disabilities. Recognizing that each person’s disability is unique, we strive to accommodate as many of our customers and potential customers as possible, considering our size, resources, and understanding of their needs. We have enlisted professionals to assist and advise us in enhancing our website’s accessibility.

    Accessibility on This Website Our website offers several methods, features, and policies to facilitate access to our website and the products or services mentioned or provided therein. Additionally, various aids are available from third parties and most browsers.

    If you encounter difficulties accessing our website despite using these features, please contact us for further assistance. Our contact information is provided below.

    Enabling the Accessibility Menu The accessibility menu can be activated by clicking the icon that appears after engaging the Readabler Widget. Please allow a moment for the full menu to load.

    Disclaimer We continuously work to improve our website’s accessibility, within our resources. However, due to our size and resources, some content, features, processes, or policies may still need improvement. We welcome your suggestions for enhancement.

    Third-Party Applications Our website may use third-party add-ons or “plug-ins” for certain functions. We have limited control over these plugins and cannot modify them to accommodate every user or every type of disability.

    Video Our website incorporates or plans to include video elements, each with close captioning or a text equivalent.

    We Are Here for You If you have a disability that affects your ability to access or navigate our website, please contact us for assistance. This telephone number and email address are dedicated to helping those with disabilities and are not for sales or product information:

    • Toll-free assistance for persons with disabilities: 805-214-4095
    • Email for accessibility assistance: info@newburyrdiop.com (emails are forwarded without prior review)

    Your privacy will be protected during these communications.

    Third-Party Websites This website may contain links to third-party websites, some of which may have their own accessibility features. For your convenience, we’ve listed some links to third-party accessibility policies and tools:

    Screen Reader Resources

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